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Over 18,000 stem cell treatments completed by partners world wide.

Help us donate 20,000 more!

For EVERY 25 shirts sold, 1 stem cell treatment is donated.

Stem Cell Therapy Can Potentially...

  • Make someone walk again (we have seen it before)!
  • Stem Cells could stop someone's pain.
  • Stop an autoimmune attack.
  • Repair damaged tissue.
  • Rebuild cartilage.
  • Restore independence.
  • Improve quality of life.
  • Revitalize someone's spirit.
  • Make the difference in millions of lives.

Help make Stem Cell therapy an option for those that cannot afford it.

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25 shirts sold.

1 Stem Cell Treatment Donated.

(Scott Kirkpatrick, CEO of GIOSTAR LABS)
As CEO GIOSTAR LABS I'm on a personal mission to get #stemcellsforall that cannot afford it. is a "offline" philanthropy effort separate from corporate policy. Anything on this site is my personal opinion only and not a reflection of the core GIOSTAR LABS business. The campaign gives me a creative outlet to pursue my passion in an effort to make a difference in as many lives as possible. Many fabulous people have joined me in this mission and I am eternally grateful! You know who you are and the world will soon know as well. #whateverittakes #stemcellsforall #givetolive

Sponsoring Stem Cell Clinics

To get your business listed here and support the #stemcellsforall project and become a preferred facility for approved treatments, complete this form.

Sponsoring Businesses

The Association of Professional Baseball Players of America

NFL Alumni San Diego, Orange County, Dallas, New Orleans

These businesses have given a donation to our501(c)3, are giving cashback donations from purchase to support the program and/or are offering discounts on products and services for you when you buy a shirt!

Make a Living Giving

If you are anything like us and have a burning desire to make a difference in the world and the idea that you could “Make A Living Giving” fires you up, then reach out asap.

The mission is simple; sell 1,000,000 t-shirts each year.  We are looking for:

  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Direct Sales Teams
  • Social Influencers
  • Celebrities

Currently, you can “Make A Living Giving” and earn up to 30% of the revenue associated with your efforts.  Contact us if that excites you and you want to be involved.

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